Together we are one


Verbringt hier viel Zeit
Ist zwar nicht von mir, aber so ähnlich sind auch meine Gedanken, wenn ich an meinen Schatz denke:smile:

Together we are one

Close your eyes
and see me.
Reach out
and I am there.
Feel my heartbeat
in your chest.
Run your fingers
through my hair.

Your strong hands
on my body.
A whisper
in my ear
I can see you.
I can feel you.
Even though you
are not here.

Without you
there'd be nothing.
And I could not
see to see.
Together we are one.
It's no longer
just you or just me.


Sehr bekannt hier
Jo ... is echt schön .. jez vermiss ich meinen Schatz aber noch mehr :frown:
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