@Maenner: the best sex advice ever! (Teil 1)

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Habe dies vor einiger Zeit im web aufgestoebert; stellt so ziemlich alles in den Schatten, was ich sonst gelesen habe. Und das beste: ich teil's mit Euch!

Der Text ist in englischer Sprache, aber das sollte ja hier kein Problem darstellen. Zwei Absaetze habe ich als nicht jugendfrei eingestuft, und daher rausgenommen. Kommentar von mir sind in italics.

Also: Lesen, verstehen, anwenden.

Kommentare & Meinungen sind willkommen.

@Maedels: der thread wendet sich ausschliesslich an Maenner, also untersteht Euch den Text zu lesen, oder Kommentare zuhinterlassen.. :link:

Text von Sir_Chancealot.

These posts will not be your usual ?how to? manual. In other words, if you aren't already familiar with what goes where, this isn't going to do you any good. These posts are for those that want to take their sexual abilities to the next level. I will assume that you can CORRECTLY identify the signs of a woman's sexual arousal.

While a great many of these are taken from other sources, I have ?invented? many of these myself. None of these ideas are plagiarised, per se, but many will probably have to go unattributed. This is due to the fact that I make a serious study of increasing my sexual technique. The only thing I like more than learning about sex is actually HAVING sex! Thus, I have read too much to remember who told me what. Anyway, sit back, keep BOTH HANDS on the keyboard / mouse and enjoy.

Here are some important reminders when thinking about Advanced Sexual Technique.

Really good sex will connect a woman to you like nothing else can.

Wie recht der Mann hat

Women love sex, they just don't want to be viewed as sl*ts.

Sex with a wife will be better than sex in an LTR, or ONS.

?No Way!? some of you will cry. You will also happen to be wrong. First, really think about women not wanting to think of themselves as sl*ts. A wife can have all the sex she wants with her husband, and even the most religious person can't say anything bad about that. It gives her a freedom to let loose her sexual beast. Believe me, if you DO understand what I mean, you know why I call it a ?beast? (But only in the good sense!)

Deep down, women know that men don't respect sexually loose women.

?But it will get boring with one woman....?. If a sexual relationship is boring, IT IS THE MAN'S FAULT! I don't often make blanket statements regarding the man's culpability, but this one is true. Unless the man keeps it fresh, it won't stay exciting. I cover why this is true a little later. There are two exceptions to this rule. The first is if the woman is not right in the head. In this case, no matter what you do, it won't be good enough. You'll see this in other areas besides sex. The second is with older women (usually 30+). At that point in their life, they are usually comfortable with their sexual identities, and will want to experiment with variety more than younger women.

First, we start with:


Nothing bores a woman to death more than knowing exactly what you are going to do next. In other words, you are predictable in bed. BORING! Women get sexually aroused when they do not know what you are going to do next. This adds mystery, drama, suspense, intrigue, and a whole host of other things that get a woman's juices flowing. Variety includes high / low, soft / hard, wet / dry, fast / slow, rough / gentle, quick / slow, up / down / sideways, light / dark, and fun / serious / passionate / horny. Variety also includes putting all those things together in different ways. Now you see what I mean by variety?

I will not bother to repeat it, but use variety in all of the techniques below. It will not be repeated, and I CANNOT overstate how important using variety is to a woman.

Next, let's discuss:


?But Sir_Chancealot, you said this would be advanced SEXUAL techniques!?. Yes, I did. Properly done, romance IS an advanced sexual technique. DJs should find themselves right at home in the arena. You must do all the things that attracted her to you in the first place. In other words, you should be mysterious, a challenge, passionate, and several other attributes that make a good DJ.

Romance should be subtle. But make no mistake about that. Romance should get her thinking about sex!

A great example of this is an idea suggested by Laura Korn in one of her books. I use a variety of it however. For example, you leave a sexually suggestive note for her in plain sight. This note says something vague, but arousing. (Maybe something like ?I will pleasure you immensely, but only if you can find all these notes.) Each note contains wording that makes her think about sex. Each note also has clues about where to find the next note. In other words, a sexual scavenger hunt. You have just given her mystery, a challenge, and suspense, ALL IN A SEXUAL CONTEXT. There should be no need to discuss what this does to a woman. You have to be able to use your imagination, and above all, use VARIETY.

der Mann hat recht!

The next area that we will cover is:


Foreplay, as a useful TERM, is over-rated. Women do not view sex like a man. To a man, sex is all about the orgasm. To a woman, sex is about what happens before, during, and after orgasm. In other words, the entire episode is ?sex? to a woman. They want the whole experience. Everything you do before you ?insert? is foreplay to a woman. ?But Sir_Chancealot- does that include romance, talking, etc.?? Short answer- ?yep.?.

Here are some advanced sexual techniques for good foreplay.

One of my favourites is to slide my hand somewhere, and just as she thinks I am going to touch ?it? I move my hand away. ?It? could refer to any body part, but is most effective when directed at the breasts, butt, or genitals. Oh, the suspense. You'll know you're doing it right when, just as you move your hand to a particular body part, she gasps for air. Do it REALLY right, and she will move that body part towards your hand, mouth, etc. After you have done this a while, ?accidentally? touch that body part, while reaching for something else. A great example is the nipples. Given a long enough time, when you massage her breasts, her nipples will ACHE to be touched. ?Accidentally? brush her nipple with your forearm while reaching up to caress her neck, for example. This drives them nuts! You can only do it 3 or 4 times during one ?bout? before it comes as contrived and not ?accidental?.

Another favourite is to move a piece of clothing, kiss / caress whatever is underneath it, and then MOVE THE PIECE OF CLOTHING BACK! I have no idea why, but this really excites a woman. Example: while kissing the back of her neck, pull her shirt and bra strap to the side, kiss her shoulder, and then move it back.

Remember areas that other men either forget, or won't bother with. Those areas include the back of the neck, her (face) cheeks, the elbows and inside the elbows, her wrists (never had a woman yet that didn't LOVE her wrists being nibbled on), her ankles, the back of her knees, sometimes her feet and toes, her underarms (yes, you think I am crazy. Trust me. I just wouldn't lick there though, unless she is straight out of the shower without deodorant/anti-perspirant. Kisses are fine). One of the great spots is her lower back just above the butt. Speaking of butts, don't forget to LITERALLY kiss her ass.

One of the things that women love, almost without exception, is to have a man run his fingers through her hair. Don't believe me? Do it to a stripper who is giving you a lap dance, and watch for signs of sexual arousal. They can't resist it.

Here is the all around best foreplay technique you can use. Start making out, and get her hot and bothered. Let her think that you are going to end up having sex. I mean get her to the point where she is almost begging for it. Then get up and say, ?We have to go to the movies / dinner / party / whatever, and we can't be late. We have to get cleaned up and leave right now?. She'll be dying to get off, but you've just prolonged it. THE LONGER YOU CAN PROLONG SEXUAL EXCITEMENT BEFORE YOU GET A WOMAN OFF, THE MORE INTENSE THE ORGASM WILL BE! Continue subtle foreplay all during the ?date?. (You DID remember to buy the tickets / make reservations, right?!)

We now need to talk about:

For some reason I don't comprehend, women are turned on by a little pain in their sex lives. For example, you can bite just a little too hard once in a while. It turns them on. Thrust too hard every once in a while. Don't be afraid to get rough for a brief second. By the way:, I am not talking about S&M here. I'm talking about adding some variety that very few lovers have ever given her. She will yelp a little, and may protest that you hurt her. DON'T LISTEN TO HER WORDS, PAY ATTENTION TO HER REACTION! Don't overuse this; just remember to throw it in when she is least expecting it.

der Mann hat wieder mal recht!

There is something else that MOST women love, and that most men won't do. That is to spank their lover. I don't mean a slap or two on the butt. I mean spank her like you are beating her ass for doing something wrong. You slap her butt AS HARD AS YOU CAN 5 or 6 times. (na, erstmal langsam angehen lassen, und rauskriegen was ihr gefaellt, meine ich mal) If you haven't left a huge red spot (or welt) in the shape of your hand, you didn't do it hard enough. Ok, now women may read this and respond with a post similar to ?I wouldn't like that, etc., etc., etc.?. Wrong. Almost all women love to be spanked. I guarantee that if you have the balls to try this, you will be absolutely STUNNED by her reaction. Again, don't overuse this. Variety. Let her guess when you will do it.

Ok, now we have to discuss:


Women love to be dominated by a man. It turns them on. Every once in a while, they also like to dominate a man. This is natural. Used properly, you are going to give her something that no man has ever given her. If you cannot dominate a woman in the bedroom, then you cannot truly fulfil a woman sexually. This has nothing to do ignoring her needs, or being selfish, but has EVERYTHING to do with expressing your sexual desire in a manly way. A real man doesn't apologize for his sexual wants and needs. It is part of who he is. If a woman doesn't recognise this, then she is a woman in name only. Real women are excited by dominant men in the bedroom.

Dominance is a lot of things. In it's most subtle form, dominance exists as not ?asking? her if she likes something, but KNOWING she does through her reactions.

na, das ist doch was zum ruebernachdenken, oder? :bier:

This one takes experience before you get good at it. Dominance can also be very bold. Don't ?ask? her to give you a BJ, DEMAND ?On your knees b*tch, and suck my c*ck!?. (BTW, you would be WELL advised to only say this after you have really turned her on). Don't let that AFC in you say ?my woman would NEVER want me to say something like that.? because your AFC would be wrong. Again, don't be predictable, but use variety.

Women love (every once in a while) to be treated like a sl*t or like property in the bedroom. Not many men have the balls to dominate a woman like that. You WILL give her something that most men are too afraid to give her.

[Absatz gestrichen]

Use sexual positions that make a woman feel vulnerable. This gets women really hot. One great position is sort of like missionary position, but with a little twist. She has to hold her legs in the air, and instead of leaning on your elbows, have her put her arms straight out and bend her elbows, and you will lock hands with her. She's totally exposed with arms and legs extended. She'll love it.

The converse side of this is allowing yourself to be dominated by a woman. Again, I am not speaking S&M here, merely the PSYCHOLOGICAL portion. Sometime when you are making out, say to her ?I don't know if I want to go any farther with you. You'll just have to seduce me if you want me to have sex with you?. You have just subtlety reversed roles, but in a DOMINANT way.

One of the easiest ways to dominate a woman is to tie her up. This goes towards making her feel vulnerable. She'll like it. Don't ask, just assume. It is ultra-sexy if you use one of your OWN pieces of clothing that you are wearing to tie her up. For example, use your Tie to tie her hands behind her back. Maybe tie her legs (spread eagle) to the legs of the kitchen table. Again, variety.

[Absatz gestrichen]
Here's one that not many men have the balls to pull off. Tell her (don't ask) to tie you up. Women generally get REALLY excited when a man is tied up ?helpless?. You have to have a lot of trust in the woman to pull this off. I'm talking ?here's my bank card and the PIN? kind of trust. A variation of this is to call her up when she is out, and tell her that you are going to be tied up naked on the bed when she gets home. Shortly before she is due home, tie yourself up (yes, it can be done); however, make sure that at least one hand can get out. (Can you imagine her being detained, and you CAN'T get unstuck!) Trey exciting for most women!

Teil 2: https://www.planet-liebe.com/threads/maenner-the-best-sex-advice-ever-teil-2.83963/

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not bad, sobald mein schatz wieder aus dem urlaub da ist, werd ich einiges daovn ausprobieren. hört sich alles sehr vielversprechend an!


kurz vor Sperre
Auch wenn ich nichts sagen darf, aber das ist alles viel zu allgemein, es gibt doch kein Patentrezept für alle Frauen dieser Welt :grrr:

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ok, ich hätte es nich lesen sollen, aber ich kann den kerl nicht ausstehen.
für wen hält der kleine wich*er sich *grummel*

er hat nicht total unrecht, aber bei manchen sachen wäre ich WIRKLICH sauer.


also ich weiß nich genau ob man das wirklich für alle frauen so allgemein sagen kann
aber ICH persönlich als frau stimme dem typ in eigentlich allen punkten voll zu

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@Maedels: der thread wendet sich ausschliesslich an Maenner, also untersteht Euch den Text zu lesen, oder Kommentare zuhinterlassen..

war ja klar, das die meisten antworten von weiblichen usern sind :zwinker:


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also ich hab beide texte gelesen und kann eigentlich mit allem nur übereinstimmen. hört sich wirklich seeeehr nett an. das einzige was ich nich so mögen würde, ist das mit dem popo versohlen. aber er hat ja eh gesagt, dass alle frauen das sagen würden *gg*


Ich hab jetzt nicht den ganzen Text gelesen. In zwei Punkten hat er recht: Frauen wollen Sex. Und Frauen wollen, dass kein weiß, mit wem sie wo und wann waren - sonst heißt es gleich wieder: Die Schlampe.

Aber das guter Sex das beste Mittel sein soll, um die Frau an den Mann zu binden halte ich für blödsinn. Wenn die Beziehung nicht mehr klappt, dann hält mich auch der beste Sex nicht bei dem Typen. Das halte ich für reines Wunschdenken der Männer.

Ansonsten gibts kein Patentrezept für Frauen. Jede mag was anderes. Vor allem mag ich nicht von meinem Freund so angefasst werden, wie meine Vorgängerin. So nach dem Motto: Bei X klappte das gut, bei mir wirds dann ja wohl auch gehen.


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kann denn keiner mal diese texte übersetzen??? bitte..


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alt genug,nurmein englsich ist nich so klasse... also w#re ich für eine übesetzung dankbar!

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lol streitet nicht :smile:

kannst du mir plz die gestichenen teile per PM schicken, bzw irgendwer der sie hat? danke!

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well done!


Der Text ist echt klasse! Auch wenn ich einiges nie mit meiner Freundin machen werde, habe ich das Essentielle herausgelesen.
Und genau das ist eigentlich das Schlüsselwort, das man als Mann (bzw. das ich) immer wieder vergesse.
Ich bin schon 2 Jahre mit meiner Freundin zusammen, wir sehen uns nur am Wochenende und daher ist das mit dem Sex schon ziemlich zur Gewohnheit geworden! Ich komme am Freitag Abend zu ihr, und wir schlafen miteinander. Und das ist eigentlich fast immer dasselbe.
Und jetzt habe ich gemerkt warum.

Eigentlich ist es so offensichtlich, und man weiß es, und doch muss man sich immer wieder an die trivialsten Dinge erinnern, dass man sie nicht vergisst!

In diesem Sinne freue ich mich jetzt schon wieder auf diese lange Woche (4 days to go), in der ich mir viele Varianten überlegen werde, um mit meiner Freundin ein unvergessliches Wochenende zu erleben!

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Meistens hier zu finden
ich hätte die gestrichenen Passagen auch gern :bier:
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